Depression: The Black Cloud Disorder

by admin on January 19, 2010

By: Susan Jacob, Ph.D.

“I want to know why my wife, Janice is so negative? She has a black cloud with her where ever she goes it feels like she has an anchor connecting her to this bleak cloud. She does not want to do anything with me. She complains she hates her job, but doesn’t [...]

By : Susan Jacob, Ph.D.

He promised “it will never happen again”
“Alice wanted help with her marriage. She explained that their biggest problem was that her husband Bret continued to lie to her. He promised her over and over again to cut down on his drinking. He would get angry when he drank too much. Alice [...]

What Successful Couples Do January 19, 2010

By: Susan Jacob, Ph.D.

The most important factor in happy relationships is choosing how we think about our partner and our relationship. Actions are based on thoughts. We treat others well if we view them in a positive light. It may seem impossible in daily life to choose to think about our spouse as positively motivated. [...]

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